The table below contains the four different types of worksheets we are going to use this course.

  • You must select the worksheet most suitable for your drawing depending on its size and orientation.
  • Each file has a layout prepared to print the workseet in an A4 size.  You must print your document from the layout view.
  • Remember to fill the missing information in the title boxes.
  • If you want to add the school logo to the title box, you need to download the picture on the right to the same folder where the worksheet has been saved.

Tips to use properly the CAD templates offered in this article:

  • Regular lines must be drawn using a 0.5 mm lineweight.
  • A hidden line model can be selected from the line mode menu.  This type of line is named “HIDDEN2”.  It is possible to change the size of the segments by modifying the scale of the line.
Scale Orientation AutoCAD (dwg) PDF
A4 1:1 Landscape Download Download
A4 1:1 Portrait Download Download
A4 1:2 Landscape Download Download
A4 1:2 Portrait Download Download


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