The table below contains the pdf prints of the drawings proposed in class about the CAD (Computer Aided Design) theme.


From the link bellow you can download the pdf version for the notes about DraftSight the CAD program bilingual students are using this course. 

This is the first version of the notes and it is possible there may be some mistakes on them.  If you have detected some error, please let us know so we can solve the problem as soon as we can. Thank you.



The table below contains the four different types of worksheets we are going to use in the project for this term, "Tangram. Building an educational toy".

You must select the worksheet most suitable for your drawing depending on its size and orientation.

Remember to fill the missing information in the title boxes.  If you also want the drawing to show the school icon in the Title box, you must download the picture on the right and save it in the same folder the worksheet has been saved.

Tips to use properly the CAD templates offered in this article:
- Regular lines must be drawn using a 0.6 mm thickness.
- A model of hidden line can be selected from the line mode menu (This model has been created applying a 2.25 entities scale to the dashed line model).
- Dimensions must be drawn using the type of line named“ByBlock”. 

Size Orientation Draftsight (dwg) PDF
A4 Horizontal Download Download
A4 Vertical Download Download
A3 Horizontal Download Download
A3 Vertical Download Download