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Follow the steps described in the following video in order to calculate current through and voltage across every resistor in the circuit defined by the picture.

Try to solve the problem on your own and then watch the video to check if you have done it right.

The video is very clear and easy to follow, but there is one thing that  I find to be not correct.  The reason Chris gives to decide the order in which he is simplifying the circuit is not correct.  He follows that sequence not because how far the resistors are from the cell.  The reason is that he is looking for simple series or parallel connections.  Be careful about that if you listen to the video.

The video comes with English subtitles.  I pretty sure you are not going to need them, but... just in case!!!

The following table contains some of the exerecises proposed in class for the Electricity and electronics unit.

Exercise Description Exercises/Templates
1. Introduction Simple exercises about current, voltage, resistance and Ohm's law.


2. electric circuits, revision Exercises about electric circuits.  Answer the questions and then check your answers using Crocodile Clips.


3. Electric circuits More exercises about electric circuits.  Solving series, parallel and series-pararlle combination systems.


4. Energy and power Exercises about electric energy and power.



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